Start Validating the vision

Validating the vision

Value explains why it’s worthwhile for your company to invest in the product and how the business goals can be achieved.

I have found it very valuable to answer the following four questions before stocking the product backlog: Without knowing who the users and customers are and why they would employ the product, it’s impossible to write meaningful user stories.

Similarly, we don’t understand what should make the product special and stand out, it is difficult to make informed decisions about the product functionality, the user interaction, the UI design right, and even the key architecture and technology choices.

I’ve asked him to write a guest post here describing his Vision Board and how it connects to Scrum’s product backlog. Scrum is a great framework for building a product with the right features.

You should state who the users and its customers are likely to be.

Despite speeds of up to 140,000 tablets per hour, vision verification checks each table to ensure the drilled hole meets customer specifications. For example, a customer might ask for the system to stop if five consecutive tablets are rejected.

That allows the operator to check that all systems are working as they are intended.

Validation can also be used many other laser applications, whether welding, drilling, cutting, marking, micro-processing, or surface treatment.