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Struensee was very involved with the upbringing of the Crown Prince Frederick VI along the principles of Enlightenment, such as outlined by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's challenge to return to nature.

However he had his own rather strict interpretation of Rousseau's ideas, by isolating the child, and encouraging him to manage things largely on his own.

It became his official duty to present reports from the various departments of state to the king.

Because King Christian was scarcely responsible for his actions, Struensee dictated whatever answers he pleased.

However, in December he grew impatient, and on the 10th of that month he abolished the council of state.

A week later he appointed himself maître des requêtes.

His lifestyle expectations were not matched by his economics.

His superior intelligence and elegant manners, however, soon made him fashionable in the better circles, and he entertained his contemporaries with his controversial opinions.

His parents moved to Rendsburg in 1760 where Adam Struensee became first superintendent (comparable to bishop) for the duchy, and subsequently superintendent-general of Schleswig-Holstein.

Johann Struensee, now 23 years old, had to set up his own household for the first time.

But Struensee was one of the few people who paid attention to the lonely queen, and he seemed to do his best to alleviate her troubles.